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Team Innovation

During his 17 years working as an engineer for the Bosch Group in Plymouth Township, Michael Meier was awarded more than half a dozen...
Dynamic Range - Founded in 1931, Detrola Corp. found early success producing low-cost radios during the Depression. They soon developed private brand radios for department stores and merchants, and added cameras in 1939. // Courtesy of Mike Eckman

Photo Finish

Even as a novice photographer in the 1930s, Saul Leiter enjoyed the smooth precision and bold design of the Detrola camera his mother had...
Donald V. Orlandoni

PDA Q&A: Donald V. Orlandoni

DB: Where are you? DO: At the Farnborough International Air Show in England. It’s a biennial event, and one of the largest aerospace and defense...
Winter fishing for whitefish off the ice.

Fish Lure

Commercially caught Great Lakes whitefish can be worth up to $3,500 per fish if they’re fully utilized, according to a new resource drive launched...

Double Time

Like many factories across the country, Detroit Manufacturing Systems, located on the city’s northwest side, has its hands full dealing with labor challenges...
Big Business - Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit is the largest Signarama franchise in the world. // Photographs by Josh Scott

Sign of the Times

The 16-by-9-foot high-definition LED screen that greets guests with drone views of downtown Detroit in the lobby of Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit’s new facility is...
Knots Landing - The Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit recently replaced its clubhouse and riverfront deck, at a cost of $6 million. // Courtesy of the Bayview Yacht l

Clean Finish

Country clubs, yacht clubs, and golf clubs often are steeped in heritage, which is a significant part of their charm. Members and their guests...
Spectrum Health Meijer Heart Center, Grand Rapids // Courtesy of Spectrum Health

Largest Hospital Systems in Michigan 2022

1. SPECTRUM HEALTH* 100 Michigan Ave. NE Grand Rapids 866-989-7999 spectrumhealth.org President/CEO: Tina Freese Decker 2021 Revenue: $9.2B 2020 Revenue: $8.3B 2021 Employees: 31,000 Operations: Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital; Spectrum Health Reed City...
power up Stevan Bratic, co-founder and managing partner of EV Charging POD, has designed a system that can charge EVs via natural gas, battery packs, solar energy, or propane. // Photo by Josh Scott

Off the Grid

Electric vehicle sales are beginning to rise as consumers seek to save on gas and create a smaller carbon footprint. It follows that electricity...
Life Brand - Samia Gore, founder and CEO of Body Complete RX in Reston, Va., was born in Detroit and grew up on the west side. Her wellness and lifestyle brand has grossed more than $10 million over the last five years.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

As the founder and CEO of the wellness brand Body Complete RX, Samia Gore is a successful entrepreneur. But she’s the first to admit...