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Robot Wear

A new wave of wearable robotics boosts worker safety, augments heavy lifting, and lessens the impact of repetitive motions at construction sites, industrial plants, and manufacturing operations.
Jonah Liss with Mediumize app on phone

Helping Hand

Digital developer Jonah Liss is our Young CEO of the Year.

Attracting Talent

Entering new markets is never easy, especially if your goal is to build a diverse workforce in an industry known for its monoculturalism.
2020 Powered by Women

2020 Powered by Women

From reader nominations, DBusiness selected eight professional women who are driving growth in Michigan, the nation, and the world.
hands typing on laptop

Pandemic IT

Vision Computer Solutions in Northville faced a daunting task in March: In relatively short order, it had to make sure all the employees of its 90 clients could work from home.
Velocilinx's Germinator

Germ of an Idea

Auburn Hills company uses UVC light to eliminate pathogens.
Rose Abdoo in "Scandal"

Gypsy Rose

From Second City to the “Gilmore Girls,” and a star turn with George Clooney, Detroit native Rose Abdoo rides the wave of success.
Uber Elevate air taxi

Preparing for Takeoff

Once the stuff of science fiction, new advances in electric motors, batteries, carbon fiber, and communication platforms are giving a lift to aerial taxi services.
Freestar Financial Credit Union

Largest Credit Unions in Metro Detroit

Ranked by 2019 Assets
people using fintech

Largest Accounting Firms in Metro Detroit 2020*

Ranked by Metro Detroit Area Employment