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dog balancing a treat on its nose
green at the American dunes golf club designed by jack Niklaus.
A woman wears a virtual reality headset in the Accenture Detroit Innovation Hub
ACG M&A All-Stars illustration

ACG M&A All-Stars

Photos Courtesy of Nick HagenDBusiness magazine partnered with the Association for Corporate Growth Detroit Chapter to honor its recipients of the 6th annual M&A...
Edsel Ford, Charlie Chaplin, Henry Ford

Celluloid Service

Starting more than a century ago, Detroit’s automakers commissioned thousands of films that rivaled Hollywood’s output through the 1950s.

Century Club

Operating a business for more than 100 years takes luck, ingenuity, and steadfast determination. But the real skill that enhances operational longevity comes in successfully passing an enterprise from one generation to the next.
Mobility Mecca

March – April 2021 Commentary

Metro Detroit can take a page from Silicon Valley’s playbook and become the mobility capital of the world. By riding the wave of new transportation solutions being developed by the automotive and technology industries, our region and state can better capitalize on our standing as one of the few places on the globe that can meld hardware and software to produce highly advanced products at scale.
online sports betting

Digital Play

Statewide casinos open their doors to online sports betting.
Leslie L. Etterbeek

Empowering Employees

Continuous training is the key to growing a residential property management team, or any business or organization.
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Highways in the Sky

The Detroit Region Aerotropolis Development Corp. is working to build highways in the wild blue yonder. According to the organization’s 2020 annual report, the economic development zone in southern Wayne County led the nation in advancing air mobility.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer illustration

Capitol Returns

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's tenure as Michigan's elected leader has been marked by an elastic lockdown of the state economy, a steady stream of political attacks, and an autocratic management style. Combined, it's led to thousands of job losses and business closings since the outbreak of COVID-19.
Hommati's digital offerings

Home Alone

Interactive visuals keep home buyers’ attention during the pandemic.
Everybody Now

Everybody Now

Five metro Detroit companies are making strides in their ongoing journeys toward equality, diversity, and inclusion in their workplaces, communities, and the world. The enterprises say their efforts improve recruitment and retention, keep clients and partners engaged, bolster their reputations, support the regions they serve and, ultimately, boost their bottom lines.