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Watkins Glenn race track

Cross Country

As president and founder of the sports marketing agency rEvolution in Chicago, John Rowady readily concedes he could have ended up with a career in the automotive business in metro Detroit.“I grew up in...
Parsons on golf course

Play by Play

Nowadays, Ebbie Parsons III is best known as the founder of Yardstick Management and global managing partner of consulting at Diversified Search Group, one of the fastest-growing executive search firms in the world.But as...
Renee Parsons

Fore Part

Renee Parsons is the president and executive creative director of PXG Apparel, a thriving division of PXG. Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., it’s a global manufacturing company that designs, markets, and sells an extensive line...

The Idea Guy

Brent Sheena is having a blast these days. The entrepreneur can barely contain himself as he describes one of his many investments, a restaurant in South Carolina.“It’s inside a nuclear power plant,” Sheena says...
Gocha Hawkins

Grit and Drive

Return on InvestmentBarely a minute has gone by since the start of the interview with restaurateur and influencer Gocha Hawkins when she’s asked what she remembers about the west side neighborhood in Detroit where...
All photographs by Jakob Layman

Deep Dish

Ryan Ososky is the founder and owner of Dtown Pizzeria in, of all places, West Hollywood, Calif., which is a very long way from his roots in Macomb County. Ask him how he ended...

Return of the Nerd

Rick Snyder is still one tough nerd, a tagline he rode to the Michigan Capitol as the state’s 48th governor in 2011, where he served for two terms. But today, he has modified his...
Life Brand - Samia Gore, founder and CEO of Body Complete RX in Reston, Va., was born in Detroit and grew up on the west side. Her wellness and lifestyle brand has grossed more than $10 million over the last five years.

The Accidental Entrepreneur

As the founder and CEO of the wellness brand Body Complete RX, Samia Gore is a successful entrepreneur. But she’s the first to admit it took longer than usual to decide that going into...
Deal Maker - Despite an early childhood on Detroit’s west side filled with challenges, Mychel “Snoop” Dillard navigated her way through the roadblocks to build a successful lounge and entertainment business in Atlanta. // Courtesy of Cam Kirk Photography

West Side Story

Before another word is written about the restauranteur and entrepreneur Snoop Dillard, it’s essential to make clear her first name isn’t the one she received when she was born, which was Mychel. And she’s...
Sweet Success - Dylan Lemay grew up in Taylor and began working at a local Cold Stone Creamery franchise, where he hit on the idea to create video posts of his work experiences. Within a few days, he generated thousands of views on social media. // Courtesy of Mike Rosenthal

Sundae Dreams

Dylan Lemay’s website proudly proclaims he’s the “largest ice-cream focused digital creator in the world.” What does that mean, exactly? Stand by for details. In the meantime, ponder the numbers Lemay is pulling in...