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Bowl of Plenty - An ancient nut-processing tradition from India has become a profitable enterprise for Diane’s Kitchen in Birmingham.

Diane’s Kitchen

It all began as a hobby 20 years ago in Diane Orley’s Birmingham basement. Her sister had recently returned from a trip to India, and was eager to share the details of a process she’d...
Teresa Sebastian headshot

A Step Forward

After a long and successful career at the highest levels of corporate leadership in both business and law, it made complete sense when Teresa Sebastian decided it was past time to work for herself.She...
Life's a Beach - A serial entrepreneur, Randy Kaplan grew up in Southfield and Birmingham before heading west to make his mark in multiple industries. // Courtesy of Randy Kaplan

Pursuit of Passion

It’s a well-worn cliche, but the “serial entrepreneur” moniker is truly fitting for Randy Kaplan, whose most current venture is his role as founder and CEO of Sandee, a startup focused on cataloging and...
30 in their 30s thumbnail

30 in Their Thirties 2021

From owners and CEOs to presidents and directors, the 2021 Class of 30 in Their Thirties share a common trait — learning how to pivot their operations, often multiple times, to account for market...
Fisher family

Savoring Success

Coach builders at the outset of the auto industry, part of the Fisher family pulled up their Detroit roots and headed west on a new adventure crafting premium wines.
Stephen M. Ross

The Ross Effect

How a friendship forged at the University of Michigan between a budding billionaire and a star student set the stage for a $60-billion real estate portfolio built on a foundation of diversity and inclusion.
Debby Hopkins

Uptown Girl

Debby Hopkins met dozens of celebrities while growing up in Birmingham, and used that knowledge and more to excel at Ford, Boeing, Citibank, Lucent, and General Motors.
Adam Levinson and family

Earn, Return, Invest

Investor Adam Levinson made a fortune on Wall Street and beyond, but he’s most proud of giving back to his hometown by creating the Detroit Children’s Fund.
Daniel Okrent in the newsroom

Play Ball

Daniel Okrent is a successful author and a featured commentator in a Ken Burns documentary, but he may be best known as the founder of Rotisserie League Baseball.
30 in Their Thirties

30 in Their Thirties 2020

The 2020 Class of 30 in Their Thirties dug deep for an extra measure of fortitude to meet the outbreak of COVID-19 and, along the way, developed new products and services, sought out cutting-edge business models, and pivoted into unchartered waters.