Production Kaleidoscope

Production Kaleidoscope

Companies all over Michigan are using new and old manufacturing techniques to make a variety of products.
Gérard Mourou receiving Nobel Prize from King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf

Laser Vision

Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland from the University of Michigan developed a technique for lasers that led to improved eye surgeries and earned the 2018 Nobel Prize for physics.
Mary Barra

Rise to the Top

How did Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of General Motors Co. in Detroit, make her way from the plant floor to leader of one of the world’s largest manufacturers?
Volvo autonomous vehicle concept

Automation Revolution

For more than 100 years, people have driven cars and trucks to get to work, move freight, or enjoy a vacation. In the next few years, autonomous vehicles will be doing all of the work.
Michigan's Core Makers graphic

Training Days

A formal education can’t cover everything, especially as business and manufacturing evolve with technology.
Gentex employee

Manufacturing Oasis

Inventors from across the state put the world on wheels, introduced life-saving medical devices, and developed commercial aircraft for the masses.
Student working in LIFT lab

The Maker’s Path

Resources for Michigan students and entrepreneurs exploring careers as makers.
R.J. King

Letter from the Editor: Need a LIFT?

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Michigan Makers. Our state’s rich history of mass production played a major role in revolutionizing farming, transportation, development, and heavy industry, while a cast of inventors and innovators forged a path to prosperity for those willing to work for it.
Student working at Grand Rapids Community College

Maker Skills

There are plenty of manufacturing jobs across Michigan, but many students either don’t know of the opportunities or have a bad impression of the profession.