Opus IVS in Ann Arbor Wins Approval for Diagnostic Devices in Collision Repair Shops

Driven Brands has approved Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS’s DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic devices for use in its collision repair shops. // Courtesy of Opus IVS
Driven Brands has approved Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS’s DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic devices for use in its collision repair shops. // Courtesy of Opus IVS

North Carolina-based Driven Brands, the largest automotive services company in North America, has approved Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS and it’s DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic devices for use in its franchised and company-owned collision repair shops.

Opus IVS supplies diagnostic scanning, ADAS calibration, programming, and on-demand remote expert support services to the automotive repair industry.

Driven Brands worked with Opus IVS to create an efficient workflow process for DriveSafe, allowing shops the opportunity to improve cycle time while performing OEM or aftermarket pre-, in-process and post-scans, flash programming and ADAS calibrations, all fully integrated with CCC ONE software and data.

“Opus IVS is proud to be selected as a co-preferred vendor for Driven Brands, and we are looking forward to serving their collision repair brands,” says Brian Herron, president of OPUS IVS. “Our team has provided OEM-endorsed solutions to dealerships and independent repairers for over a decade.

“We provide collision repair facilities with the capability for aftermarket quick-scanning, OEM-endorsed scanning, programming and ADAS calibrations backed by live diagnostic support to complete a quality repair – all coupled with the ability to easily document the results.

“We are excited that Driven Brands chose to work with Opus IVS to bring innovative solutions to their collision repair brands to support the future of diagnosing, calibrating and programming advanced vehicles.”

For DriveSafe, the Opus IVS team has developed a patent-pending decision tree and shop profile within the new IVSWizard 2.0 Guided Workflow to recommend scan type based on the vehicle model year, ADAS capabilities, restraint deployments and shop OEM certifications.

DriveSafe also features the patent pending IVSMAP, a database of ADAS technology and repair information. It produces the IVSMAP Scan Blueprint, which includes an equipment list based on model year, possible ADAS modules and Opus IVS technical recommendations. If ADAS equipment is present, IVSMAP produces the new ADAS Checklist to identify ADAS systems that could be on the vehicle, calibration type, target requirements and status (not done/complete).

The user checks off that system calibrations have been completed or orders them from Opus IVS. The post-scan confirms that the ADAS Checklist is completed. DriveSafe customers may access IVSRAP for ADAS Calibration Checks and Remote Assisted Programming, including full module flash programming and all other electronic configurations.

“Our DriveSafe tool is an ideal device for these collision repair facilities,” Herron says. “On top of our current offering of a fast Aftermarket scan, OE scanning and remote diagnostic and programming support, we added IVSWizard 2.0, IVSMAP and ADAS Checklist — and deliver it all to collision shops for use on a single screen.”

Opus IVS is expected to exceed 3 million collision scans in 2022.