Former Michigan State Basketball Star Named Partner of The Podium Group – Risk Management

Paul Davis
Paul Davis // Photo courtesy of The Podium Group – Risk Management

Former Michigan Mr. Basketball and Michigan State University Basketball All-American Paul Davis has been named an equity partner of The Podium Group – Risk Management, a Southfield-based financial management group.

Davis, a former NBA player with the L.A. Clippers and Washington Wizards, had previously been the managing director since joining the group in 2019.

“Paul’s success on the court primarily reflected two things: his relentless commitment to putting in the hard work it would take to win on a consistent basis and the influence of his amazing parents, talented teammates and life-altering coaches like Tom Izzo,” says founder Manuel Amezcua. “Business partners like Paul are tough to come by even once in a lifetime. Our clients, strategic partners, firm, and my family are delighted to see the colossal impact he has made within our industry in his first year. It is with great enthusiasm, respect ,and admiration we have appointed him as our only equity partner of The Podium Group – Risk Management.”

The Podium Group specializes in helping athletes, entertainers, c-suite executives, and business owners create long-term financial stability and success. Founded in 2018 by Amezcua, who is also president and CEO of MassMutual Great Lakes, the group serves approximately 400 clients nationwide through its partnership with MMGL.

Davis’ new role involves building relationships and leading a team that offers financial products and services to the group’s clientele.

“An athlete is an entrepreneur,” says Davis. “You have a goal and you sacrifice a lot to build it and achieve it. Your brand, your body, and your mind is everything, and you need to protect it at all costs, not just now, but in the future. I’m looking forward to building career highlights in this new career. I’ve set records in the past, and that’s what we’re aiming to do – to create a legacy for our clients and have a positive impact on our community.”

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