Yubehandmade was founded in 1999 by fiber artist and crochet fashion designer RoseMarie Lewis. She is interested in expanding her related business — Yube Yarn Collection — as well as boost her marketing program for Yubehandmade.

“I would love to open a store and use it as a creative space for other fiber artists,” says Lewis who currently works out of her home. “I would love to hold meetups and classes for adults and kids.”

Most of her products are swimwear, but she also offers other crocheted items like scarves, ski masks, and earrings.

“I started crocheting because I wanted to make a scarf to match my son’s snowsuit. I made the entire scarf on the same day I learned the skill. My grandma taught me, and she couldn’t believe how fast I caught on.”

In the 23 years since, Lewis’ work has been featured in Elle magazine and Fashion Style Weekly. She also has been invited to participate in Miami Swim Week, Paris Fashion Week, and Michigan Fashion Week.

“Yubehandmade is a timeless and highly acclaimed crochet swimwear brand,” says Lewis. “It upholds its status in the crochet community. Some looks are sexy and form fitting, as well as slightly loose with a comfortable fit. We add a fun splash to your summer wardrobe that can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Company: Yubehandmade
Address: 20160 Gardendale, Detroit
Email: yube@yubecrochet.com
Website: yubehandmade.com
Phone Number: 313-212-3237
Category: Apparel
Founded: 1999
Founder: RoseMarie Lewis
Number of Employees: 1
Most Recent Annual Revenue: $25,000
Video Link: NA



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