Majestic Beds

Courtesy of Majestic Beds

Majestic Beds is a sleep products and research company in Royal Oak that offers a line of mattress toppers, mattresses, and sleep systems to help address sleeplessness and fatigue as well as the pain associated with medical symptoms, including chronic back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, dementia, hypertension, and the side effects of chemotherapy such as joint pain and night sweats.

The company’s products are used by a diverse range of clients, including children with cerebral palsy, individuals recuperating from surgery, and professional athletes.

Over the past year, Majestic Beds states it has formed a medical board, cemented manufacturing partnerships, and fostered strategic relationships to launch new products in various alternative markets. The company adds is has combined cutting-edge technology to create a line of products new to the mattress industry, and is open to various investment structures.

With a new investment, and based on already obtained preliminary findings, Majestic Bed states it will launch an industry-first, Institutional Review Board-approved research study in partnership with Barwis Methods (and its pro athletes), along with a Florida University. The study will seek to prove the company’s designs improve key sleep and recovery biometrics, setting it apart from competitors as the only medically backed company in the industry.

In addition, the company seeks to accelerate a growing medical partnership/referral network, enhance brand and e-commerce presence, and secure a significant portion of the Michigan mattress market. The overall goal is to expand regionally, and then nationally, along with several alternative market entries creating multiple exit scenarios for investors.

The company can provide a pitch deck, financials, and meetings with its medical advisory board upon request.

Company: Majestic Beds
Address: 32364 Woodward Ave., Royal Oak, 48073
Phone Number: 248-951-8154
Category: Health Care
Founded (year): 2019
Founder(s): Wendell A. Martens
Number of Employees: 4
Most Recent Annual Revenue: $430,000
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