DivDat Inc.

Logo reading "DivDat: Leveling the paying field."
Courtesy of DivDat Inc.

DivDat Inc. is a national, privately held company based in Detroit. While founded in 1971 as a print and mail invoicing and payments business, the firm reinvented itself as a fintech startup in 2016-17.

Since that time, DivDat has become a high-tech electronic invoicing and payments solutions provider to corporate and government entities seeking to provide greater customer service while increasing collections and streamlining treasury reporting models.

The company pioneered Kiosk Payment Programs, web-based payments, IVR (interactive voice response), over the counter, a mobile app, and custom kiosk payment models unique to various entities.

The company’s payment models that include payment kiosks in drug stores and other publicly accessible locations make it easy, safe, and convenient for customers in five states to pay their bills in a timely manner. For example, DivDat collected nearly $750 million for the city of Detroit during the COVID-19 pandemic when offices were closed or restricted to appointment only.

The company’s proprietary technology continues to be deployed to bridge the gap between government entities, utilities, and their customers who are underbanked or cash-preferred. DivDat has changed the paradigm so people who are among the 25 percent of Americans with no credit card or checking account can pay their bills as easily and efficiently as someone with a perfect credit score.

DivDat is seeking $10 million to expand its market share to all 50 states. Capital would be used for marketing, sales, and kiosk builds and deployments.

Company: DivDat Inc.
Address: 2111 Woodward Ave., Suite 702, Detroit, 48201
Email: bbabiarz@divdat.com
Website: www.divdat.com
Phone Number: 313-446-8385
Category: Banking/Finance
Founded (year): 1971, 2016 reinvented
Founder(s): Alfred Bierkle, Jason Bierkle
Number of Employees: 21
Most Recent Annual Revenue: $5 million
Video Link: www.divdat.com/partnership


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