Michigan Israel Business Accelerator Launches The Elevator, an Entrepreneur Platform

Local entrepreneurs looking to do business with their counterparts in Israel now have a place to land due to the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator (MIBA).
Dakka Integrated Systems floor
Companies like Dakkota Integrated Systems in Detroit, a sponsor of Michigan Israeli Business Accelerator (MIBA), will be able to benefit from The Elevator, a platform created by MIBA to foster business partnerships between Michigan and Israeli entrepreneurs. // Photo courtesy of Dakkota Integrated Systems

Local entrepreneurs looking to do business with their counterparts in Israel now have a place to land due to the Michigan Israel Business Accelerator (MIBA).

MIBA is a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) nonprofit economic development and non-governmental organization in Southfield that is committed to fostering partnerships between Israeli and Michigan businesses. MIBA’s mission is to create economic opportunities and drive job creation through collaboration and innovation.

Called The Elevator, MIBA’s new platform was created with the idea of accelerating Israeli business startup expansion in Michigan. The Elevator, located at the Globe Tobacco Building at 407 E. Fort St. in downtown Detroit, represents a step toward the introduction of more Israeli technology companies in Michigan.

“The strategic partnership between Michigan and Israel has created a dynamic environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and mutual prosperity,” says Scott Hiipakka, CEO of MIBA. “The launch of The Elevator truly takes this relationship to the next level, and we look forward to the transformative opportunities it will generate for Israeli startups and Michigan businesses alike.”

The Elevator, where membership is free of charge, expands existing MIBA services that connect Israeli innovators to like-minded Michigan counterparts to foster partnerships. Educational programs, such as sales training and marketing strategies, will be provided to accelerate expansion.

“I take great pride in being part of Michigan’s vibrant business landscape that serves as a global magnet for innovation,” says Matt Elliott, board chair of MIBA. “With this announcement, MIBA is taking a huge leap toward our vision to position Michigan as the premier partner for Israeli innovation in the U.S. It is an exciting time to be involved in Michigan’s business community, as we actively contribute to its thriving entrepreneurial spirit and ongoing success.”

The Elevator also announced three Israeli companies have made their mark as charter members of The Elevator, showcasing their commitment to innovation and growth: GuardKnox, FullPath, and SkillReal.

  •  Guardknox: A premier automotive and defense technology and engineering company, GuardKnox has grown from its first two business development resources to a fully separate US company, adding a small team of engineers to service its domestic business.
  •  FullPath (formerly AutoLeadStar): As the automotive industry’s leading Customer Data and Experience Platform, FullPath enables dealerships to cultivate enduring customer relationships by seamlessly integrating disparate data sources and harnessing the potential of this data to curate unparalleled, hyper-personalized experiences for each individual customer.
  •  SkillReal: Centrepolis I4.0 Accelerator has selected SkillReal’s cutting-edge digital twin alignment technology, which offers augmented reality measurement capabilities on-screen, for their growth program.

Israeli startups and companies interested in becoming part of The Elevator should email TheElevator@MichiganIsrael.com. For more information about MIBA, visit here.