Troy’s Integrity Aerospace Expands Digital Twin Technology Partnership in North America

engineering try to use augmented mixed virtual reality with digital twins, advanced seismic techniques and processing, and subsea and robot technology, enabling the digital transformation
IAG in Troy has formed Spinview-NA to support its partnership with the digital twin technology startup from London. // Stock Photo

Integrity Aerospace Group (IAG), a technology reseller and holding group based in Troy, has announced the formation of Spinview-NA to support its exclusive partnership with visual intelligence company Spinview.

The latter company, a London-based startup from Enterprise Metaverse, leverages digital twin technology together with building information modeling (BIM), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and immersive and visual technologies in one platform, allowing countless teams to operate in the same cloud-based visual project environment.

“Spinview’s vision of providing key information on the structural, operational, and environmental efficiencies of infrastructure and facilities all on one platform is the kind of innovation and service that our customers at IAG have come to expect from our team,” says Leon Bunch, CEO of IAG

It creates digital twins, based on real world data utilizing LiDAR and environmental sniffers which afford owners, engineers, and maintenance professionals the context to make informed decisions that enhance operations, drive efficiencies, and meet regulations.

“We are excited about the potential of Spinview’s Digital Twin technology to improve safety and operational efficiency for clients in a wide range of markets throughout North America. We look forward to growing with the Spinview team as we hit the ground running in key sectors that have the immediate need to leverage these innovative solutions,” says Eric Thams, an IAG owner who is leading Spinview-NA’s business development activities.

“For example, with the coming regulations proposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the mandatory reporting of registrants’ greenhouse gas emissions, the data that Spinview provides through its VQecosystem will meet the key requirements through an automated real-time service.”

For this use case, Spinview’s Tracer AE could be implemented as a multi-sensor handheld device that measures internal and external temperature, humidity, carbons, nitrogens, other emissions such as greenhouse gasses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, and other pollutants. It can be operated with minimal training.

The VQecosystem provides organizations with a simple three step method to harness the power of vision-turning data into insight across all spaces. Using a range of specialized scanners and sensors paired with its technology and methodologies, Spinview generates an advanced digital twin of any space, creating unique visually intelligent ecosystems.