Rochester Hills’ InfuSystem Signs National Distribution Agreement with Solo-Dex

Rochester Hills' InfuSystem will distribute proprietary nerve block catheters form Solo-Dex Inc. // Courtesy of Solo-Dex Inc.
Rochester Hills’ InfuSystem will distribute proprietary nerve block catheters form Solo-Dex Inc. // Courtesy of Solo-Dex Inc.

InfuSystem Holdings Inc. in Rochester Hills, a national health care service provider and facilitator of outpatient care for durable medical equipment manufacturers and health care providers, has entered into a national distribution agreement with Solo-Dex Inc. for its proprietary continuous nerve block catheters.

With catheter over-the-needle technology from Solo-Dex, all anesthesiologists can place facile continuous peripheral block catheter in two to three minutes for common procedures such as shoulder repair, hip and knee replacement as well as general surgical procedures.

Once placed, Solo-Dex products are designed to remain in place introducing the type, quantity, and volume of acute pain management medication continuously for days.

“Solo-Dex Facile, coupled with InfuSystem’s InfuBlock pain management therapy program and follow-up services, are now collaborating to bring cost effective, easy-to-use continuous regional acute pain management to a market which is estimated to be 10 times larger than the current nerve catheter market,” says Steve Eror, CEO of Solo-Dex. “The stage is set for the emergence of a new standard of care.”

Continuous regional anesthesia coupled with mild sedation may eliminate the need for a patient to receive general anesthesia which requires the manipulation of the airway, may disrupt the patient’s cognition, and extends recovery. For the surgical team, manipulation of the airway may increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Safe and effective acute pain management can be delivered via continuous peripheral nerve block days before, during, and after surgery. The patient tends to recover more quickly and may be released for home recovery with a block that eliminates the need for oral opioid painkillers. On Feb. 2, 2022, Stanford University and The Lancet published its expectation of more than one million opioid deaths in North America by 2029.

“InfuSystem is pleased to join with Solo-Dex in bringing innovation to the acute pain management market. Solo-Dex will bring technology to our customers that makes it easier for the anesthesiologist to place nerve block catheters safely and effectively,” says Richard Diliori, CEO of InfuSystem. “As a result, we believe more patients will have the opportunity to receive our services and recover quickly without requiring the use of oral opioid pain management.”