MMS Holdings in Canton Township Announces Investment to Add Research Services

A scientist holds a petri dish uses a pipette to remove a sample of solution. In the background is a stack of petri dishes and two test tube racks which suggest the sterile environment of a laboratory.  The hand is covered with a latex glove. A  cool blue tone is the dominant color scheme.
MMS Holdings has received an investment to expand its research service offerings. // Stock Photo

MMS Holdings, a data-focused contract research organization (CRO) in Canton Township, has announced an investment from Lindsay Goldberg, a family and founder-focused private equity firm, to help expand its data-focused clinical research services.

Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

MMS is a global CRO supporting pharmaceutical and biotech companies with more than 800 employees.

The company says it implements a science-first approach with its customer service to provide the quality and data-focused services necessary to support clinical research and facilitate successful new therapy approvals.

Alongside Lindsay Goldberg, MMS founder and CEO Uma Sharma will maintain a significant ownership interest.

“We are delighted to have found a private equity partner who both values our unique culture and who can help us scale our business, as we grow to be the best in class,” says Sharma. “Lindsay Goldberg has decades of experience in actively building health care businesses and working collaboratively with founders. We are proud to have a partner with a shared vision and deep experience in successfully growing founder-led businesses.”

Having completed more than 50 submissions in the last five years, MMS states its capabilities are aligned to the challenges created by the increasing complexity of clinical research data.

“We’re proud to partner with Dr. Sharma to help accelerate the growth of MMS, a leader in data-focused CRO services known internationally for its scientific approach and differentiated regulatory, biostatistics, data management, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance capabilities,” says Peter Nurnberg, principal at Lindsay Goldberg.

Michael Dees, managing partner at Lindsay Goldberg, adds, “MMS is a world-changing organization. Dr. Sharma’s team is delivering critical services to leading pharma and biotech companies and thereby improving their chances of successful drug submissions. Through our partnership, we can help accelerate the Company’s momentum and growth, while maintaining a focus on producing the highest quality, scientifically-sound deliverables.”