Detroit’s Sports Data Labs Issued Patent for Real-time Health Diagnostics System

SD Labs in Detroit has been issued a patent for its remote health monitoring and biofeedback system. // Stock Photo
SD Labs in Detroit has been issued a patent for its remote health monitoring and biofeedback system. // Stock Photo

Sports Data Labs Inc. (SD Labs), a Detroit company specializing in the AI-based collection, analysis, and distribution of real-time human data from on-body sensors and other sensing systems, has announced the issuance of a patent for its remote health monitoring and biofeedback system.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 11,382,510 for the system, which is operable in real-time and allows for two-way direct communication with sensors and sensing systems via a browser-based web application.

The patent, entitled Biological Data Tracking System and Method, facilitates collection, analysis, and distribution of data from any number of sensors and sensing systems — including wearables — into a single system for real-time health monitoring and biofeedback.

“We developed our novel health diagnostics system for the emerging digital health ecosystem focused on interoperability of sensors and sensing systems — particularly medical-grade sensors that sample at higher rates and collect more data — and simplifying the user experience,” says Vivek Khare, co-inventor and head of technology at SD Labs.

“With no application download or install required, our patented technology will ensure that both providers and users have access to a highly scalable, cost-effective solution that is simple to deploy and effective in providing meaningful health insights.”

The issued patent features an administration console that allows for a “one click” sensor integration mechanism for any number of sensors that enables on-demand, direct, real-time communication and streaming with each integrated sensor, enabling individuals and organizations to easily access and seamlessly use the best available technologies at any given time.

The real-time health diagnostics system — which can be implemented as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application — also allows for administrators to control the functionality of any number of sensors associated with any number of individuals simultaneously and remotely through a single application. The issued patent will provide SD Labs with exclusivity for its invention in the U.S. until February 2039.

“Our health diagnostics system is foundational for a variety of use cases – including single person, multi-sensor and multi-user/group use cases for both continuous streaming and point-in-time collection – where data integrity and system reliability are key requirements,” says Stan Mimoto, co-inventor and president at SD Labs.

“This issued patent will enable us to offer telehealth to the masses — including to underserved communities and segments of the population — while providing us with exclusivity in the SaaS-based remote health monitoring ecosystem for a number of exciting licensing and solution-focused opportunities across sports, health care, insurance, and other high-growth markets.”

Mark Gorski, co-inventor and CEO of SD Labs, commented on the addition of this patent to its portfolio: “With multiple U.S. patents now issued in the remote health monitoring ecosystem, our expansive patent portfolio — which includes a wide range of novel systems and methods related to data collection, synthetic data generation, artificial intelligence-based predictions, sensor communication, signal processing and identification/verification techniques, remote communication networks, and sensor data-based monetization — has positioned us to solidify our leadership role in the space while accelerating the opportunities we have with both existing and new partners.”