Bloomfield Hills’ O2 Investment Portfolio Company Partners on Fast Wireless Internet

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unWired Broadband Holdings, a portfolio company of O2 Investment Partners, announced a partnership in the California Central Valley with Xobee Networks Inc. // Stock Photo

A portfolio company of Bloomfield Hills’ O2 Investment Partners, unWired Broadband Holdings, a fixed wireless internet service provider in the Central Valley of California, has partnered with Xobee Networks Inc.

Xobee is a leading full-service managed service provider to small- and medium-sized businesses throughout California. Xobee is headquartered in Fresno, Calif. with six additional regional locations that provide a strong local presence with the power of a national brand.

“The unWired team has seen the rise of Xobee over that last 26 years and we are thrilled to realize the organic growth strategies of both companies,” says Peter Sorenson, president of unWired. “The company’s strong presence throughout California and best-in-class reputation aligns well with unWired’s approach. We are excited to welcome the team and grow together.”

Xobee provides professional consulting services that include IT consulting, website and app development, website maintenance, website accessibility compliance, forensic services, and structured cabling.

Its cloud services include hosted exchange, cloud server hosting, famous cloud server hosting, data protection, email protection, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service, and PBX support and consulting.

“We are excited about the strategic partnership in which we can join together to provide enhanced sales opportunities to clients, including marketing efforts geared towards expanding Xobee’s services,” says Eric Rawn, founder and president of Xobee. “The partnership will allow us to build our team, both sales, and service and support, with the goal of providing an unparalleled quality of service among our service offerings.”

As it stands, unWired currently covers more than 14,000 square miles with a network of 170-plus towers, providing internet service to over 25,000 customers. The platform broadcasts internet signals from towers that are strategically located to cover rural and underserved areas. Using a small radio and antenna placed near the customer’s building or home to deliver fast, reliable wireless internet with guaranteed speeds.

“Over the last 26 years, Eric Rawn has built Xobee into the leading managed IT services provider throughout Central California and beyond, and we are excited to have him as a partner,” says Jimmy Frye of O2 Investment Partners. “The investment in Xobee represents a great cultural and strategic fit, and we are eager to execute on the growth plan.”