cybersecurity graphic

Goodbye 100-day Cyber Threats, Metro Detroit Firm IDs and Blocks Breaches in 15 Minutes

The average digital threat can remain undetected in an environment for more than 100 days, according to Verizon. A Commerce Township-based company has launched...
2021 Cadillac Escalade with OLED display screens

2021 Cadillac Escalade to be Equipped with 38-Inch-Wide OLED Display Screens in Dashboards

A Detroit company is collaborating with LG Electronics to develop the first curved OLED display for a 2021 Cadillac model.
cloud migration graphic

New Cloud Platform from Secure-24 in Southfield Accelerates Data Migration

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and more employees work and access files from home, a local company has developed a solution to help businesses...
person typing

Metro Detroit Emerges as Powerhouse in IT and Software Development with Novel Data Center

A data center in Southfield has announced the release of a new platform defined by software rather than hardware.
white blood cells and tumor cells stock illustration

Ascension Providence Cancer Center in Southfield Offers New CAR-T Cell Therapy Clinical Trial

The cancer care teams at Ascension Providence Cancer Center in Southfield are offering a new clinical safety trial that could provide hope to some...

First Automated Parking System in Midwest Set for Downtown Detroit Building

An historic building in downtown Detroit is planning to install an automated parking system.
heat map of people on computer

U-M Develops Temperature Control System Using Thermal, 3-D Video Cameras

An automatic heating and cooling system that adjusts itself based on detection of users’ face temperatures has been developed and could offer a flexible...
Fusion Coolant Systems Pure-Cut system

Workhorse of Industry: Canton Township Firm Delivers More Efficient CNC Machines with Supercritical CO2

Computer numerical control (CNC) machining, or the automated control of 3-D printers and machining tools via a computer, is slated for an upgrade through...
Plex Market Forecast Manager

Plex Systems in Troy Unveils New Solution to Help Manufacturers Improve Supply Chain Data

Plex Systems, a Troy-based smart manufacturing platform provider, has unveiled the Plex Market Forecast Manager, which enables manufacturers to integrate internal and external data...
multithreading illustration

Microsoft Research Team Develops Bug-free Software Without Testing

A team of researchers have devised a method called Armada that verifies that a class of complex programs is bug-free without the need for...