iRule Releases Android Version of its Universal Remote Control System


DETROIT — Following the successful launch of the iRule cloud-based universal remote control system for Apple’s iOS, the company has released iRule for Android, featuring all the same functionality and customization available in the iOS version. Designed to support a variety of Android devices, including those from HTC, Samsung, Motorola and the new Amazon Kindle Fire, iRule allows one device to replace multiple remotes with touch-screen controls for nearly any household device that uses a remote.

“Following our product development road map, we launched the Android development effort immediately following the release of iRule on iOS devices” said CTO Victor Nemirovsky. “With the success we had with iRule for iOS devices and the continuing rise in popularity of the Android platform, we knew our next move would be developing the system for Android devices to offer the power of iRule to more customers.”

iRule’s Pro version receives all the updated features of the standard version, while adding two-way communication and importing shared panels. Two-way feedback is a feature that until recently was only found on remote systems costing thousands of dollars. Pricing for the Android version is identical to pricing for iOS products and customers can use both together for the same price. iRule for Android, two-way communication starts at $100 and is included in the simple drag-and-drop-based iRule Builder.

iRule was created by two former automotive engineers, Itai Ben-Gal and Victor Nemirovsky, when they were looking for an easier way to control a home theater system. It offers a solution to accommodate many components and eliminate the clutter caused by multiple remotes with limited uses. The company has already sold thousands of licenses in 41 countries via word-of-mouth among early adopters, home theater professionals and online forums.

iRule is a cloud-based software solution coupled with simple hardware which controls any infra-red (IR), RS-232 serial or network-enabled audio/video equipment, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components. A fully customizable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload their own images and personalize menus to their preferences. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smartphones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.

The company offers a 14-day free trial, and the iRule app is free to download from the Apple App Store, Android Market, Amazon Appstore for Android, and nook Apps. The iRule gateway hardware is available