Farmington Hills’ GreenPath Financial Wellness Undergoes Board Transition

Carey Pachla, Jane Sydlowski // Courtesy of Greenpath Financial Wellness
Carey Pachla, Jane Sydlowski // Courtesy of Greenpath Financial Wellness

GreenPath Financial Wellness, a national nonprofit providing financial counseling services based in Farmington Hills, announced Carey Pachla will become chair of the Greenpath and its affiliated Homeownership Preservation Foundation Board of Directors, while Jane Sydlowski will remain a director for a three-year term after serving 11 years as the board chair for GreenPath and five years for HPF.

Pachla has served on the GreenPath board since 2013 and joined the HPF board in 2017. She is president and CEO of FastTek Global, a privately held tech staffing firm, a company she grew from its infancy. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University and Wayne State University.

CEO and President of AMI Strategies, Sydlowski was appointed board chair in 2011 and led the HPF board after its affiliation with GreenPath in 2017. During her tenure, she led GreenPath’s acquisition of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Orange County, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma, and completed strategic affiliations with HPF, Rural Dynamics and ClariFi.

“We are incredibly grateful for Jane’s and Carey’s work and dedication to empowering people to build financial resiliency,” says Kristen Holt, president and CEO, GreenPath. “Their exemplary leadership has remained steadfast and enabled GreenPath and our affiliates to become one of the nation’s largest, most trusted debt management and housing counseling organizations.”

Sanjeev Handa, who served as HPF Board Chair from 2012 to 2017, has opted to retire from the GreenPath and HPF boards. During his tenure, GreenPath has become one of the most referred HUD-approved housing counseling organizations.

Michelle Greene was recently elected vice chair of the GreenPath and HPF boards and will succeed Pachla. As senior vice president and chief information officer, pharmaceutical segment for Cardinal Health, Greene was initially elected to the GreenPath and HPF boards in 2021 and will serve as Audit Committee chair for GreenPath.

Newly elected to the GreenPath board, Shawn Stewart will also serve on its Audit Committee. Stewart is an advisor at Rocket Central, the centralized hub for the Rocket Cos. fintech platform, delivering innovation and impactful solutions across Rocket Cos.

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