Spring Fashions 2022

Sustainable Look – The mood for spring/summer fashion is one of optimism, with the COVID-19 pandemic slowly disappearing in the rearview mirror.
low top brown sneakers, aviator sunglasses, brown leather belt, silver hoop earrings, silver ring, brown leather wallet, ginger bag and brown womens sunglasses, chain necklace, cream heels Photographs by Martin Vecchio
Photographs by Martin Vecchio

1 – Good Man-Legend Lo-Dark Vachetta Low Tops, $198, Good Neighbor, shopgoodneighbor.com

2 – Diff Eyewear Dash Gold Aviator Sunglasses, $98, Good Neighbor, shopgoodneighbor.com

3 – Leather Belt Locally made by Ward Leather, $80, Youngbloods, youngbloodsshop.com

4 – Simon Miller Ram Hoops-Silver, $105, Coup D’Etat, shopcoupdetat.com

5 – Keane Sterling Silver Molten Ring, $165, Coup D’Etat, shopcoupdetat.com

6 – Vegetable Tanned Natural Leather Wallet by Flint Leather Co., $68, Youngbloods, youngbloodsshop.com

7 – Able Rachel Crossbody Bag-Cognac, $165, Diff Eyewear Camilla Dunes Crystal Grown Gradient Lens Sunglasses, $98, Good Neighbor, shopgoodneighbor.com

8 – Silver and Black Geometric Chain Necklace, Price NA, Boro Resale, borodetroit.com

9 – Vintage Cream Halston Mules, Price NA, Boro Resale, borodetroit.com

tan pants, maroon sweater over a floral collared shirt, black button down shirt, lime and cream skirt, brown slip dress, cream silk blouse, plaid wide leg pants

1 – Slim Fit Taupe Suit Pants from Join Life Collection, $69.90, Zara, zara.com

2 – Feathered Short Sleeve Linen Shirt My Thrills, $90, Youngbloods, youngbloodsshop.com; Goodman MVP-Notch Sweater in Brandy, $168, Good Neighbor, shopgoodneighbor.com

3 – Rodd & Gunn Seaford Long- Sleeve Black Linen Button Up, $148, Nordstrom, nordstrom.com

4 – Lime & Cream Silk Bias Cut Skirt by Sine Goya, $310 (on sale for $155), Coup D’Etat, shopcoupdetat.com

5 – Leia Slip Dress in Mocha, $100, Good Neighbor, shopgoodneighbor.com

6 – Silk Cream Salvatore Farragamo 1980s Silk Blouse, $124 (on sale for $88), Boro Resale, borodetroit.com

7 – Plaid Alexander McQueen Wide Leg Trousers, $275, Coup D’Etat, shopcoupdetat.com