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Barrel Aged - In addition to being an accomplished guitarist, musician, and arranger, Neil Giraldo launched Steel Bending Spirits in Ann Arbor, which produces Three Chord Bourbon selections in Chelsea. // Courtesy of Three Chord Bourbon

Spiritual Notes

front line During the Civil War, women helped care for injured soldiers, as depicted in “Our Women and the War,” a wood engraving by Winslow Homer (1862). Clarissa Britain, who lived in Michigan at the time, took a different path by creating an “improved ambulance,” for which she received a U.S. patent. She also developed other inventions and was awarded seven patents overall. // Courtesy of the Cleveland Museum of Art

Civil Lady

Tin Cup

Eagle's Nest - For approach shots on the 10th hole at the Fazio Premier Golf Course at Treetops in Gaylord, it’s often best to aim for the left side of the green. // Courtesy of Treetops

Fore Play

Sweet Success - Dylan Lemay grew up in Taylor and began working at a local Cold Stone Creamery franchise, where he hit on the idea to create video posts of his work experiences. Within a few days, he generated thousands of views on social media. // Courtesy of Mike Rosenthal

Sundae Dreams