Center for Neurological Studies

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The Center for Neurological Studies (CNS) is a Novi-based nonprofit organization that aims to develop more effective diagnoses for brain disorders. With an overall mission to advance the scientific research of neuroimaging methods, CNS uses advanced MRI methods to provide an understanding of brain diseases and brain function. These advanced imaging protocols also provide an opportunity to improve the quality of life for candidates who qualify for any of their three programs. One of the programs, Hope After Combat, offers testing and support for members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have traumatic brain injuries caused by post-traumatic stress disorder and other physical health problems. Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy Study is another program that conducts imaging scans and neurological evaluations to NFL players who have had repeated head injuries possibly linked to lasting brain damage. Finally, Motor Vehicle Accident Victims offers advanced diagnoses for people who have suffered from traumatic brain injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents and sports-related incidents.


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