Pentastar Aviation to Open Interior Showroom at Oakland County Airport


Pentastar Aviation, an aviation services company, will open a designer showroom later this month featuring interior options for outfitting private aircrafts at its maintenance facility at the Oakland County International Airport in Waterford Township.

The showroom will display a variety of personalized options for private aircraft, including: top-shelf leather in custom colors, embossing, sheepskin for crew seats, industry standard covers for headliners, handmade custom carpet, and custom textiles. Lighting, switchboard, and structural options will also be available for viewing by the request of individual clients.

“Our customers are very high end,” says Gordon Ross, director of interiors at Pentastar Aviation. “They’re used to having very, very nice furnishings at home and wherever they’re at, so our concentration is really to show all the different industry offerings.” ​

The new 800-square-foot showroom, designed in-house by Pentastar, will feature LED daylight lighting, displays, a large marble work surface area, a conference table, a meeting area, and video monitors to show renderings and technical drawings. A catering company will be on hand to provide meals for clients. 

“By having all of our offerings on hand, we will always be prepared for a meeting with very short notice,” Ross says. “We can have drop-ins, and we’re good to go.”

Located on the second floor between hangers No. 4 and No. 5, the showroom, to open Sept. 25 as part of the Oakland County Air Transportation Expo, will also feature an entrance for clients where they can pull their aircraft right up to the hanger, and park in front of the showroom window. 

“We offer a service where if a client is flying somewhere through their pattern of flight, they can stop in and really not have to spend a lot of time, because they can pull right up,” Ross says.

Pentastar Aviation’s services can run anywhere from a few thousand dollars for minor touchups to half a million dollars for full interiors. The company’s clients include various Detroit sports teams.

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