Detroit’s Sentinl Releases World’s First Fingerprint Gun Lock


Sentinl, a Detroit-based firearm safety device manufacturer, has announced the release of Identilock, a first-of-its-kind firearm lock that uses fingerprinting technology to keep a gun owner’s weapon from firing in unwanted or unintended hands.

According to Sentinl, Identilock can match a user’s fingerprint and release the firearm for use in 300 milliseconds — about the time it takes to blink. The company says it’s the first fingerprint trigger lock to be brought to the marketplace.

“I’ve watched the media, politicians, and others weigh in on our gun rights,” says Sentinl founder Omer Kiyani. “I value and support our individual freedoms like the 2nd Amendment. I’ve wanted to find a balance between gun ownership and safety. The Identilock is designed to assure firearm owners that a gun will not fire if handled in the wrong hands.”

The Identilock can be programed to accept up to three different finger print profiles so multiple people can unlock it. Its battery operated, and a four-hour charge can last up to six months. The suggested retail price is $239.

The locking device, which weighs about half a pound, will support five handgun models at its initial launch. The models include:

  • S&W-A1 (Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm/.40)
  • S&W-B1 (Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, SDS9)
  • 1911-A1 (1911 Clones)
  • SIG-A1 (Sig Sauer P226 & P229)
  • GLK-A1 (Glock-Double Stack)

For more information about Identilock, click here.

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