Detroit-based WaitTime Expands Software Service to Sports Arenas Worldwide


WaitTime, a Detroit software company that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide real-time data on fan traffic at entertainment venues, is expanding its lineup globally.

Most recently, the company has partnered with the Detroit Pistons, Buffalo Sabers, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, and the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia, the largest stadium in the southern hemisphere.

Posted at the top of aisles at team venues via color screens, WaitTime provides quantitative wait times about the nearest restrooms, food and beverage, and merchandise locations, helping fans avoid long times and getting them back to their seats faster.

The company also offers a mobile app to help fans make the most of their time at a given venue. Sensors mounted above concessions stands and waiting areas help both guests and operators monitor wait times, serve times, and line attrition.

“A lot of these teams have reached out to us, just because we’re first in the world with our technology and we solve a very big problem that’s been around forever in the sports industry,” says Zachary Kilma, founder and CEO of WaitTime. “It directly affects their bottom line, so we actually help them make more money operationally, as well as with sponsorships, so it’s a no-brainer for teams that sign on in terms of their business.”

Kilma adds that WaitTime currently operates dozens of large screens at each venue, pointing fans in the “path of least resistance,” whether they’re looking for a snack, a drink, or the restroom. The screens can be oriented to show either portrait or landscape formats, and are customized to serve the venue.

WaitTime plans to expand to other stadiums and arenas domestically and internationally, and across all leagues and sports. In March, Kilma announced he partnered with Jordan Avakian Group, a technology innovation, marketing, and capital firm created by Jeffery Michael Jordan (son of NBA legend and team owner Michael Jordan) and Sevan Avakian.

More information about WaitTime can be found here.

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