Detroit Arena View Properties Launches Collection of Themed Overnight Rooms


Finding opportunity in Detroit’s growing sports and entertainment markets, Detroit Arena View Properties has launched a collection of themed overnight rental properties that target business travelers, tourists, and visitors.

The first offering of six renovated rooms is being offered in the historic Park Avenue House (Royal Palm Hotel), located behind the Fox Theatre (2305 Park Avenue). The rooms, which play off such themes as the Motor City, music, and art, offer one or two bedrooms, bathrooms, small kitchens, closets, and living spaces.

“We are in the process of adding a seventh room, and we are looking to offer other properties within a mile of the central business district,” says John Hanselman, a partner with Jerry Grenda of Detroit Arena View Properties. “We have rooms for business travelers and larger rooms for families, or we have groups of people using them before or after a concert, a musical, or a sporting event.

“The opening of Little Caesars Arena (two blocks north of the Park Avenue Hotel) helped inspired the business. We’ve had a lot of guests from the local area, visitors coming to a show or a game, and business travelers from around the world who are calling on their clients or attending a conference at Cobo Center.”

The themed rooms, which feature photography for sale by B.P. LeGault, include the Music Room; Detroit, Paris of the Midwest; Graffiti Room; Motor City Suite (auto theme); Mannequin Room; and Firehouse. The properties are part of 160 apartments in the building, along with Town Pump Tavern on the first floor.

Pricing varies by the size and amenities of the rooms, with a single room going for $175 per night. Famed architect Louis Kamper designed the Italian Renaissance, 13-story Park Avenue House in 1924.

“We offer an alternative to the traditional hospitality sector, and we’ve been getting very good feedback,” says Hanselman. “The demand is there, and now we are looking around to add more rooms. It’s exciting.

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