AxleTech in Troy Develops Suspension Axle System Concept for the Military


Troy’s AxleTech today announced it is developing a next-generation 5000 series electric independent suspension axle system concept (eISAS). It was unveiled at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris, the largest international defense and security exhibition.

Part of the axle includes custom-designed electric motors, a concept that acts as a complete electric powertrain system. It eliminates the need for a traditional drivetrain, including engine, transmission, and gearboxes, which results in maintenance cost savings.

The system is engineered for full battery electric vehicles, fuel cell range extender electric vehicles, and internal combustion engine or turbine generator range extenders. For military fleets, the concept can provide improved stealth characteristics, lower heat signatures, and improve fuel savings to logistics vehicles, tactical vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.

“Not only is AxleTech the largest independent suspension system supplier in the defense industry, our engineering expertise, field-proven products, and lifetime service support … make us a trusted partner to vehicle manufacturers in the military and commercial markets globally,” says Bob Nichols, senior manager of sales, electric vehicle systems at AxleTech.

The concept offers a superior electric solution and, unlike standard axles, provides maximum regenerative braking capability, which allows the energy from braking to recharge the vehicle’s batteries, and improved efficiencies. Once produced, the eISAS concept axle will use parallel axis gearing instead of traditional bevel gearing, thereby maintaining the axle ground clearance and allowing for maximum torque to the wheels.

The eISAS has a gross combination weight rating up to a 58,000-pound capacity. AxleTech plans to develop similar powertrain concepts for lighter-load vehicles as part of its strategy to electrify military and commercial applications.

AxleTech has supplied independent suspension systems to the military for more than 25 years and has more than 60 fielded vehicle programs for its ISAS products. It has facilities around the world.

Eurosatory 2018 runs June 11-15. AxleTech will show an animation of the 5000 Series eISAS concept as well as other military solutions.

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