30 in Their Thirties: Lee Skandalaris // 32


President, Quantum Digital Group, Warren

Employees: 130 Revenue: NA Education: Duke University

As an M&A specialist early in his career, Lee Skandalaris saw too many companies suffer because they were heavily invested in a single technology or market. He was encouraged by the scope and relatively low capital requirements of the digital printing business, however, and that led to the formation of Quantum Digital Group in 2008. “Printing allows us to be diversified,” he says. “We can pursue a lot of different markets and not necessarily be beholden to any particular piece of business.” The firm produces graphics for the B2B market, ranging from building wraps to trade show exhibits to point-of-purchase displays. Retail offerings include graphics for boats, ATVs, firearms, and vehicles. In 2009, Quantum acquired Holland-based Ceiling Scenes, which produces murals for medical centers and assisted living centers. The acquisitions of competitors Meteor Photo and Tectonics Industries followed in 2011 and 2013, respectively. “We’re in a unique position in the visual communications market,” Skandalaris says. “We have design, engineering, nationwide installation, a full-metal fabrication facility, and warehousing. We have our own internal marketing staff and a pretty deep sales team across the country that has relationships with almost every major sporting goods retailer. When you add all those things together, there aren’t many people in the marketplace who can provide the same end-to-end solutions.”