Duggan Adds New Tool to Battle Detroit's Blight


DETROIT — In an effort to battle blight in Detroit’s neighborhoods and continue its progress to strengthen the communities, the city of Detroit and the Wayne County Treasurer’s office have created a new tool to support blight elimination, the Mayor Mike Duggan’s office announced today.

 The so-called “blight bundle” will package a number of properties, including homes and vacant lots, in an effort to rebuild Detroit’s neighborhoods. The blight bundle will facilitate the demolition of severely blighted properties, the redevelopment of properties with such potential, and an orderly fashion for returning tax foreclosed properties to productive use.

The cooperation between the office of the treasurer and the city of Detroit is an unprecedented move to address abuses seen in the legislatively mandated property auctions that often foster blight in Detroit neighborhoods. Duggan says the bundling of properties will provide a better process for getting them back on the tax rolls. “Those who question this strategy soon will see that the process is adaptable to address individual needs.  In addition, any private individual or company may bid on the entire bundle,” Duggan says. 

If a bundle of properties does not receive a bid, vacant lots included in the blight bundle will be made available for purchase through the Detroit Land Bank Authority at BuildingDetroit.org.  Properties included that are candidates for rehabilitation can be transferred to appropriate parties once they are vetted by the Land Bank. 

Duggan says, most importantly, this process will speed the demolition of properties. It also will improve the safety and quality of life of those forced to live with blight on their block, next door to their homes, and in the paths their children take when walking to school.