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COVID-19 Workout

The coronavirus outbreak in March roiled the national and global economies, caused millions of job losses, and depressed financial markets. Some industries were hurt more than others. As the world awaits a vaccine, DBusiness proposes a workout plan for 10 affected business sectors and considers the opportunities that have come to the forefront for prospective investors.
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Tech Track

The development of the first dedicated digital roadway for connected vehicles is underway along Michigan Avenue from Detroit to Ann Arbor — powered by a team of local, national, and international designers, innovators, disruptors, and technologists.
Bobby Nahra in kitchen

Inside the Kitchen

How one chef balanced interests in a restaurant, a banquet center, and a catering operation, and launched food and beverage services at the Hotel St. Regis — all while constrained by a pandemic.
Mat Ishbia

Shore Up

Mat Ishbia transformed United Wholesale Mortgage from a local player in metro Detroit to the nation's second-largest mortgage lender. Then the COVID-19 crisis hit.
30 in Their Thirties

30 in Their Thirties 2020

The 2020 Class of 30 in Their Thirties dug deep for an extra measure of fortitude to meet the outbreak of COVID-19 and, along the way, developed new products and services, sought out cutting-edge business models, and pivoted into unchartered waters.

Robot Wear

A new wave of wearable robotics boosts worker safety, augments heavy lifting, and lessens the impact of repetitive motions at construction sites, industrial plants, and manufacturing operations.
2020 Powered by Women

2020 Powered by Women

From reader nominations, DBusiness selected eight professional women who are driving growth in Michigan, the nation, and the world.
Uber Elevate air taxi

Preparing for Takeoff

Once the stuff of science fiction, new advances in electric motors, batteries, carbon fiber, and communication platforms are giving a lift to aerial taxi services.
Art Van Furniture advertisement

Buy-In, Sellout

When Art Van Furniture in Warren was sold to an East Coast equity firm in 2017, the new owners flipped the real estate, drained the talent, and cut back on a steady stream of popular commercials. How a $612-million retail powerhouse that took 58 years to build was destroyed in 36 months.
Mike Manley

Big Three Executives: FCA 2020

Latest information available as of April 16, 2020. Sources: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, DBusiness