Does Your Timing Need a Total Reconstruction?


Because women are programmed to multi-task like robots, we end up doing too many things. As a result, we wind up wasting time and energy.

Women are programmed to take on multiple roles at any given time. The more we juggle, the more our timing is off. No pun intended, we can come across in business as flighty, unfocused, or worse, we are viewed as challenged listeners.

The truth is we have too much focus. Today, if you experience a great desire to answer a question or provide a need, stop and think to yourself first. I have this grand desire to ask my question right now, is the timing right? That’s all you have to do. Ask yourself am I truly focused on this topic, and is the timing right? Start practicing this step wherever you go.

Here’s another example: You’re in a store, and you need help. Your kids are misbehaving, the store is packed, and you have a conference call in 20 minutes. So what do you do? You panic. You bypass everyone else, go straight to the clerk, and given your timing is off, you blurt out the question. Two things will happen, either you’ll receive your answer in the same rude abrupt way in which you delivered it, or the clerk will answer your question without regard to you or what they were doing. Thus applies in business!

If you meet a client with 10 things on your mind, you won’t focus on what your client is doing. You won’t be able to read them, their body language, the way they greet you, and what their desired outcome is. And furthermore, when you’re scattered, and your thoughts are all over the place, you may loose your customer entirely.

As a woman, you are an emotional creature. Your ability to read someone’s mannerisms is priceless. A woman in business must have exceptional timing, focus, and know when to listen and when to speak. Prior to any meeting, conversation, or address, stop and think about what you want to say. Say to yourself over and over at least 5 times: “I am focused, and my timing is exceptional!”

If you follow my advice, an amazing transformation will begin to occur. Your timing, over time, will be perfect.