What is a Microbrewery?


Brewery vs. Microbrewery vs. Brewpub
BREWERY A brewery can sell both in its own establishment and, through wholesalers, to retailers across the state. They are not limited to a number of brewing facilities, but are limited to selling to consumers for consumption in only one establishment. 


2MICROBREWERY A microbrewery is limited to selling 30,000 barrels (a barrel contains 31 gallons) of annual production through multiple brewing facilities and can sell beer in both its own establishments or through wholesalers to retailers across the state. They are not limited in the number of locations where they sell beer for consumption. 


3BREWPUB A brewpub can manufacture up to 5,000 barrels of beer annually, and sell its beer only inside its own establishment, including beer to go. It must have an “on-premises license” (Class C, Tavern, A-Hotel or Resort) and may offer a full-service bar. It must operate a full-service restaurant with at least 25 percent of gross sales from nonalcoholic items.