Big Three Executives: Chrysler Group LLC 2013

Chrysler reported net income of $1.3 billion from January to September 2012, up significantly from a net loss of $42 million in the same period of 2011. As of Oct. 1, the company’s U.S. market share was 11.3 percent.

Chrysler says net revenue from January to September 2012 was $48.6 billion, a 22 percent increase from the same period in 2011. In November, the automaker launched the Ram Commercial Truck Division. The company says it is on pace to ship upwards of 2.4 million vehicles in 2012.

 #01. Sergio Marchionne*

Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Group LLC; CEO, Fiat S.p.A.; Chairman, Fiat Industrial S.p.A.

Marchionne was elected chairman of Chrysler Group LLC in September 2011. He also leads Fiat S.p.A.’s 22-member Group Executive Council and serves as COO of the GEC’s NAFTA Regional Operations Group. He is chairman of Fiat Industrial S.p.A., which was created in January 2011 through the de-merger of the capital goods of Fiat S.p.A. Marchionne was named CEO of Chrysler Group LLC in June 2009. He has been chairman of Case New Holland, a division of Fiat, since 2006.  He has been CEO of Fiat since June 2004.



#02. Reid Bigland*

President; CEO, Dodge brand and Head of U.S. Sales, Chrysler Group LLC; President, Chairman, and CEO, Chrysler Canada Inc.; Head of Dodge brand; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

In addition to full responsibility for the Dodge brand, Bigland is in charge of sales strategy, dealer relations and operations, order facilitation, incentives, and field operations in the United States. Bigland remains president, chairman, and CEO of Chrysler Canada Inc. Previously, he was president of Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. He holds a B.A. from the University of British Columbia.



#03. Saad Chehab*

President; CEO, Chrysler Brand, Chrysler Group LLC; Head of Lancia and Chrysler Brands; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

Prior to being named to the position of director, advertising and brand marketing at Chrysler Group LLC, Chehab was responsible for coordinating advertising strategies and brand marketing programs for each of the company’s brands. Chehab also served as director of Chrysler brand communications. Chehab joined the company from Ford Motor Co. ,where he was the director of creative services and managed and implemented worldwide brand strategies.



#04. Fred M. Diaz

President; CEO, Chrysler de Mexico and Ram Truck brand, Chrysler Group LLC

Diaz is responsible for Chrysler’s Mexican operations and represents all business brands in Mexico, including Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Mitsubishi. He continues to serve as the president and chief executive officer of the Ram Truck brand. Previously, as head of national sales, Diaz was responsible for sales strategy, dealer relations and operations, order facilitation, incentives, and field operations. He was also a regional director based in Denver. In 2006, he was named the “Latino Executive of the Year” by On Wheels magazine.


#05. Ralph V. Gilles

President; CEO, SRT (Street and Racing Technology) brand and Motorsports; Senior Vice President, Product Design, Chrysler Group LLC

Gilles has held the SRT position since 2011 and was named to the design role in 2009. He served previously as president and CEO, Dodge brand, and vice president of design. He joined the former Chrysler Corp. in 1992. Gilles serves as executive sponsor of the Chrysler African American Network and plays a leading role with the Chrysler Global Diversity Council. An avid car enthusiast, Gilles enjoys spending time watching Formula 1 auto racing. He has a BFA degree from the College for Creative Studies.


#06. Pietro Gorlier*

President; CEO, Mopar Brand Service, Parts and Customer Care, Chrysler Group LLC; Head of Parts & Service (Mopar); Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

As president and CEO of Chrysler’s Mopar Brand since June 2009, Gorlier has shared accountability with the brands, responsibility for parts and services growth and delivery, and customer support. He joined the Chrysler Group from Fiat Group Automobiles. Gorlier joined the Fiat Group Automobiles in 1989 as a market analyst and held various positions. He holds a Master of Economics degree from the University of Turin in Italy.


#07. Michael Manley*

President; CEO, Jeep Brand and Lead Executive for International Operations, Chrysler Group LLC; COO, Fiat-Chrysler Asia Pacific and Head of Jeep Brand; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

As lead executive for international activities outside of North America, Manley is responsible for implementing the cooperation agreements for distribution of Chrysler Group products through Fiat’s international distribution network. Previously, Manley was executive vice president, international sales and global product planning operations, responsible for product planning and all sales activities outside North America.



#08. Doug D. Betts*

Senior Vice President; Quality, Chrysler Group LLC; Head of Quality; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

Betts has held the Fiat position since 2011 and the Chrysler role since 2009. He was vice president and chief customer officer for Chrysler LLC since November 2007, with responsibility for improving the company’s overall quality and customer satisfaction. Before joining Chrysler in 2007, Betts worked at Nissan Americas as senior vice president, total customer satisfaction, where he was responsible for all business activities related to satisfying customers with product or service quality. Betts enjoys tinkering on 1960s muscle cars.



#09. Mark M. Chernoby*

Senior Vice President; Engineering, and Vice President, Product Committee Coordinator, Chrysler Group LLC; Head of Product Portfolio; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

Effective since April 2012, Chernoby is responsible for all systems and component engineering, vehicle line platform programs, international engineering, advance vehicle development and innovation, powertrain product engineering, product technical planning, and regulatory affairs. He also oversees vehicle testing, validation, and all product development processes. Chernoby will continue his role as a member of the Group Executive Council.



#10. Scott R. Garberding

Senior Vice President; Manufacturing/World Class Manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC

Garberding is responsible for all assembly, stamping, and powertrain manufacturing operations worldwide as well as implementation of the World Class Manufacturing System at all Chrysler manufacturing facilities. Prior to taking on these responsibilities, he was senior vice president of purchasing. Garberding also has held the position of senior vice president and chief procurement officer, Chrysler LLC, since 2008, with responsibility for all global sourcing activities. He joined Chrysler in 1993.

*Member of the Group Executive Council.


#11. Michael J. Keegan

Senior Vice President; Supply Chain Management, Chrysler Group LLC

Keegan is responsible for critical volume planning and logistics functions in coordination with the brand CEOs. He is also responsible for improving service levels, working capital efficiency, and complexity reduction; optimizing demand and supply; and establishing consistent and effective supply chain processes. Previously, Keegan was vice president, volume planning and sales operations, Chrysler LLC. He began at Chrysler in 1990 in the sales and marketing department in the finance controller’s office and moved to the corporate treasurer’s office the next year.



#12. Scott G. Kunselman

Senior Vice President; Purchasing and Supplier Quality, Chrysler Group

Appointed in April 2012. Kunselman is responsible for all purchasing and supplier quality activities, including both product-related components and indirect suppliers and services. Previously, he served as senior vice president, engineering, where he oversaw all systems and component engineering, vehicle line platform programs, international engineering, advance vehicle development and innovation, powertrain product engineering, product technical planning, and regulatory affairs. He also was vice president – Jeep/Truck Product Team.



#13. Holly E. Leese

Senior Vice President; General Counsel & Secretary, Chrysler Group LLC

Leese is responsible for the company’s worldwide legal functions, including corporate governance, commercial and corporate transactions, product litigation, dealer and trade relations, environmental affairs, and intellectual property. She had been vice president, general counsel, and secretary of Chrysler LLC. Leese joined Chrysler Corp. as a staff attorney in 1980. She earned a juris doctor from Albany Law School in New York and a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the State University of New York at Albany.


#14. Nancy A. Rae

Senior Vice President; Human Resources, Chrysler Group LLC

Rae is responsible for human resources processes, programs, and policies; leadership development; and human capital development. She also oversees employee relations, where she directs union relations, occupational safety and health services, personnel planning, and administration. In October 2012, Rae was named a Human Resources “Executive of the Year” by the American Society of Employers. Rae is co-chair of the Economic Alliance for Michigan, a member of the Inforum Center Leadership board of directors, and a trustee of the Chrysler Foundation.


#15. Gualberto Ranieri

Senior Vice President; Communications, Chrysler Group LLC

Ranieri joined Chrysler Group in June 2009 from Fiat Group, where he led international communications. He was also responsible for communications at Case New Holland, a manufacturer and seller of agriculture and construction machinery, which is part of the Fiat Group. Earlier in his career, Ranieri was a producer for BBC Radio and Television and London correspondent for RAI, the Italian broadcasting corporation. He is a Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow and has lectured at the Harvard Business School, University of Miami, New York University, and MIT.


#16. Joseph “Jody” Trapasso

Senior Vice President; External Affairs, Chrysler Group LLC

Trapasso provides strategic direction for Chrysler Group’s international, federal, and state government relations, while coordinating the activities of the corporate representative in Latin America. Trapasso leads the company’s community relations efforts and the Chrysler Foundation. Previously, Trapasso was with the international law firm of Crowell & Moring where he was senior counsel, advising clients on public policy matters on both domestic and international issues. He also has held senior-level positions within the federal government.



#17. Steven G. Beahm

Vice President; Sales Operations, Chrysler Group LLC

Beahm is responsible for sales planning and incentives, retail sales promotions, dealer relations, field operations for sales, small business sales, and certified pre-owned vehicle sales for all Chrysler Group brands. Previously, as executive director, U.S. sales operations, he was responsible for U.S. field operations, dealer relations, fleet operations, dealer commercial operations, vehicle distribution, and production demand planning. Since joining Chrysler as an administrative trainee in the Atlanta zone office in 1987, Beahm has worked in the sales, service and parts, and field organizations.



#18. Walter P. Bodden Jr.

Vice President; Treasurer, Chrysler Group LLC

Bodden oversees all Chrysler Group treasury activities, including cash management processes, domestic and foreign investments, risk management, U.S. and Canadian pension funds, retiree trusts, employee managed savings, and banking and its related activities. Previously, he was assistant treasurer and chief investment officer, where he oversaw the management and investment strategy for Chrysler pension funds for both the United States and Canada. Bodden joined the former Chrysler Corp. in 1984 and has held several leadership positions since then.



#19. Mircea Gradu

Vice President; Head of Transmission, Powertrain and Driveline Engineering, Chrysler Group LLC

Gradu is responsible for the design, development, and release of all transmission and driveline systems. He continues as head of Virtual Tools Analysis, where he is responsible for identifying, enhancing, and deploying virtual engineering capability. Gradu received the 2008 Edward Cole Award for Automotive Innovation from the Society of Automotive Engineers. In 2010, Gradu, together with his team, received the SAE-Timken Howard Simpson Innovation Award for Transmission and Driveline Engineering.




#20. Peter M. Grady

 Vice President; Network Development & Fleet, Chrysler Group LLC 

Grady is responsible for ensuring that the Chrysler Group’s dealer network operates at the highest possible level to ensure optimal sales volumes for Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Mopar, SRT, and Fiat vehicles and products. He also oversees fleet sales and operations, remarketing and company car programs, network development, dealer capacity and standards, network financial analysis and reporting, corporate-owned dealerships, and market representation. Before this, Grady was director, dealer operations for Chrysler LLC. He is a native of Toledo, Ohio.


#21. Alphons A (Al) Iacobelli

Vice President; Employee Relations, Chrysler Group LLC

Iacobelli is the company’s lead representative for labor relations, integrated health care and disability, retirement and savings, manufacturing HR/ER, occupational safety and health, Chrysler de Mexico HR/ER, labor economics and benefit finance, and the UAW/Chrysler National Training Center. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School executive management program. Iacobelli is a graduate of the International Institute of Management in Lausanne, Switzerland, and the INSEAD Business School in Fontainbleau, France. He is originally from Detroit.



#22. Robert (Bob) E. Lee*

Vice President; Head of Engine and Electrified Propulsion Engineering, Chrysler Group LLC; Powertrain Coordination; Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

Lee is responsible for directing the design, development, and release of all engines and electrified propulsion systems for Chrysler Group LLC products. A founding member of the SAE North American International Powertrain Conference Leadership Team, Lee is known for leading many new engine programs including the rebirth of the iconic HEMI V-8 engine in 2003 and the new Pentastar V-6 engine in 2010. Lee joined the company in 1978 as an engineer-in-training.



#23. Laurie A. Macaddino

Vice President; Audit, Chrysler Group LLC

Macaddino is responsible for ensuring that all vehicles produced and sold by Chrysler meet financial requirements, including cost, investment, and profitability. Prior to this position, she was vice president of finance operations and vice president of corporate audit and compliance. In addition, she was senior manager of corporate audit at Chrysler Corp. and senior manager, treasury pension fund, Chrysler Canada. Macaddino is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants.


#24. Barbara J. Pilarski

Vice President; Business Development, Chrysler Group LLC

Pilarski oversees the negotiation of strategic global partnership arrangements for Chrysler and manages alliance relationships. Previously, she served as executive director of mergers and acquisitions, North and South America, where she oversaw all aspects of merger, acquisition, and divestiture activities. Pilarski joined Chrysler in 1985 as a budget analyst and has held several leadership positions. Pilarski earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Wayne State University  and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan.



#25. Scott A. Sandschafer

Vice President; Chief Information Officer, Chrysler Group LLC

Sandschafer is responsible for all information technology applications and infrastructure in support of operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Sandschafer joined Chrysler Group from CNH America LLC, where he worked in information and communication technology. Sandschafer, an automobile enthusiast, is active within the company, serving as the executive sponsor of the Chrysler Asian Network in addition to playing a leading role with the Chrysler Group Global Diversity Council.



#26. Joseph Veltri

Vice President; Product Planning, Chrysler Group LLC

Veltri has been responsible for the company’s current and future product planning since October 2009. From April 2011 to May 2012, he assumed additional responsibilities as head of Jeep brand Europe. In that role, he was in charge of building Jeep brand equity in Europe through a defined product marketing strategy that aligns with the global brand vision. Veltri, a CPA, joined the former Chrysler Corp. in 1988 as a financial analyst. He earned a master’s degree in business management from Eastern Michigan University.



#27. Stephen L. Williams

Vice President; Advance Engineering and Vehicle Architecture, Chrysler Group LLC

Oversees all advance engineering, innovation, and material cost as well as worldwide vehicle architecture in the C/D, E/F and truck segments. He reports to Scott G. Kunselman, senior vice president of engineering. Williams had been vice president, advance engineering, planning and regulatory affairs with responsibility for regulatory affairs and engineering planning operations. Since joining Chrysler Corp. in 1990 as a product design and development engineer, Williams has worked in safety systems and overall vehicle development.



#28. Richard Palmer*

Chief Financial Officer; Chrysler Group LLC; CFO, Group Executive Council, Fiat S.p.A.

In his position, Palmer has responsibility for all of Chrysler Group LLC’s finance activities including corporate controlling, treasury, and tax. He joined Chrysler Group LLC from Fiat Group Automobiles, where he had been chief financial officer since 2006. Palmer joined the Fiat Group in 2003 as CFO of Comau, and later moved to Iveco in the same role. From 1997 until 2003, he was finance manager for several business units at General Electric Oil & Gas. Palmer spent the first years of his career as an auditor with UTC and Price Waterhouse.



#29. Olivier Francois*

Chief Marketing Officer; Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A.; CEO, Fiat Brand Worldwide

François had been president and CEO, Chrysler brand, Chrysler Group LLC, since October 2009. He also served as the lead Chrysler Group executive for marketing for the Chrysler Group and Fiat Group Automobile brands. François joined Chrysler Group from Fiat Group Automobiles, where he was president and CEO of the Lancia Brand. In October, French economic and financial television channel BFM Business presented François with the BFM Award in New York, which recognized him as the “Manager of the Year.”



#30. Byron A. Kearney

Head of Scientific Labs and Proving Grounds, Chrysler Group LLC

Kearney’s responsibilities include proving grounds operations, engineering services, materials engineering, virtual analysis, vehicle testing, powertrain testing, analysis of test data, and business planning. He joined Chrysler in 2000 as director of small car development and was vice president, product development, core components and processes. Kearney received the Black Engineer of the Year award from the Council of Engineering Deans of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in 2006. He was named to On Wheels’ list of African American Men of Influence the same year.

*Member of the Group Executive Council.


#31. Timothy Kuniskis

Head of Fiat Brand, North America, Chrysler Group LLC

Kuniskis is responsible for the Fiat brand in North America, which includes leadership for Fiat brand sales, marketing, dealer network, and service. He will continue the North American reintroduction of the brand, including the Fiat 500L 5-door and 500 battery electric model. Kuniskis most recently served as director for Chrysler brand marketing and Fiat brand product marketing and communications. He joined the Chrysler Corp. in 1992 and has held several positions of increasing responsibility in Chrysler’s business center operations and marketing organization.