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The Road To 2025

Can the global auto industry reach a combined fleet average of 54.5 mpg by 2025?

Can The Big Three Survive Success?

Forget another bailout. GM, Ford, and Chrysler must keep winning on the sales floor.

The Little Engine That Could

Like Kermit the Frog, modern diesel engines are finding it's not easy being green. But that could soon change.

State of the Unions

Negotiations on a new, four-year labor agreement between the Big Three and the United Auto Workers are set against the backdrop of a slow economic recovery and growing public wariness of rich union contracts.

Shifting Gears

General Motors has turned the corner on profitability — aided, in large part, by a government bailout. But to get ahead, it can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The Rebirth of Delphi

There are times when Rodney O’Neal sounds more like a sailor than a CEO. “You have to be aware of what your North Star is and never lose sight of it,” he says, sitting in a Renaissance Center ballroom shortly after giving a recent speech to an auto industry confab. “Otherwise,” he cautions, “you’ll lose your way.”

PDA Q&A: Francois Castaing

DBusiness interviews the chairman of the Detroit Science Center.

On a Clear Day …

Susan Docherty may be the most powerful woman in the automotive industry, but if she can’t win over skeptical consumers, General Motors won’t last another century.

Rayna Handelman

Global Electric Vehicle Coordinator, Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., Tokyo. The e-interview.

Can Michigan Go Electric?

How do you put 1 million plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles on the road by 2015?