Vistage Michigan Searching for New Chief Executives


ST. CLAIR SHORES — Vistage Michigan, an affiliate of the world’s leading chief executive organization, will host a special event for prospective members next month in Southfield.

Attendees will experience an Executive Issue Processing session and have an opportunity to meet with some of the organization’s members and group facilitators to get an inside look at what it is like to be a member of the Chief Executive group. Attendance is limited to chief executives, company presidents, and business owners. The event will be held Nov. 7 at the Southfield Wesin, 1500 Town Center.

Award-winning business coach Dean Minuto is the keynote speaker. His presentation, “Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Button in Your Prospect’s Brain,” focuses on how he counsels chief executives and sales teams to get “yes” faster and more often from the people they are trying to influence  In this presentation, attendees also receive an introduction to the “Six Stimuli to the Deciding Part of the Brain” and the “Four Steps Every Organization or Individual Should Master to Sell Effectively.”

Vistage Michigan includes more than 160 Chief Executives throughout southeast Michigan. It provides business leaders with access to new business perspectives, innovative strategies and actionable items. Members engage in ongoing peer workshops, one-to-one business coaching, speaker presentations from top industry experts, social networking, webinars and an extensive online content library.

To register for Experience Vistage, or learn more about Vistage Michigan, please contact Anna Morton at 586-443-5880 (ext. 205) or