Rotary Club of Detroit Re-elects President Russ Ives

Russ Ives
Russ Ives // Photo courtesy of Rose Pest Solutions

Rotary Club of Detroit has selected Russ Ives, CEO of Troy’s Rose Pest Solutions, as president. This is his second consecutive year as president and the second time he has served in the role.

“I’m a third generation Rotarian,” says Ives. “My grandfather and my father were members of the Detroit Rotary Club starting in 1953. I’ve been a member myself for nearly 40 years, getting my start in 1980.”

Every year the club has a new theme, and under Ive’s leadership, this year’s theme is make a difference in Detroit.

“Our theme in Detroit coincides very well with the Rotary’s international message of ‘rotary connects the world’ and ‘do the right thing,’” says Ives.

Thousands of members of the club have been leaders in Detroit’s business and professional community. Ives, along with other members, work to support Rotary International’s goal to eradicate polio from the world and provide services to the local community. The organization also runs the Youth Citizen Program, which recognizes high school students in Detroit who demonstrate exceptional community service.

“My father was actually on the initial fundraising committee that raised $220 million in 1985, when the Rotary was first starting to tackle this issue,” says Ives. “My brother, Jim, has also been to Nigeria to distribute the polio vaccine. I’m so thrilled and proud to continue our longstanding family tradition of being part of the Rotary Club of Detroit.”

The Detroit chapter is 109 years old and was the first in Michigan.

Rose Pest Solutions offers safe pest management technology for both residential and commercial purposes. Since its founding in 1860, it has branched out to 15 offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.