Catherine Gusmano Named CEO of Better Made Snack Foods

Catherine Gusmano
Catherine Gusmano // Photo courtesy of Better Made Snack Foods

Detroit-based Better Made Snack Foods has named Catherine “Cathy” Gusmano, chairman of the board, to the position of CEO. She will now serve in both roles.

Gusmano is a second-generation family member and has been around the business her entire life. She has been actively involved in the company’s business endeavors since 2004.

“Cathy is open minded and approachable, and has a strong sense of ownership,” says Dave Jones, president of Better Made. “She’s Better Made’s matriarch, and she’s looking forward to the continued growth of the company.”

Founded in 1930 in Detroit as Cross and Peters, Better Made continues to develop and provide snack foods including potato chips and sticks, popcorn, pretzels, tortilla chips, pork rinds, and more. The company uses locally grown potatoes and fat-free cottonseed oil.

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