Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program


Women of Tomorrow Mentor and Scholarship Program has a metro Detroit chapter in Troy. The organization engages accomplished professional women as mentors in small group settings. Working in partnership with public school districts, all activities are held during the school day. The schools select at-risk girls for participation who come from low-income families; are abused; have a disability; have a higher likelihood of dropping out of high school, becoming pregnant or involved in gangs, drugs, criminal activity; or have academic, social, behavioral, medical, or other risk factors. Participants have a 96 percent high school graduation rate, and many become college graduates. The national organization has awarded nearly $8 million in scholarships. While in-person fundraising events have been cancelled, the organization continues to offer virtual mentoring sessions for 1,200 local students as well as scholarships. Its annual fundraiser is hitting the road – those who donate $2,500 or more to Girls on Track on the Move can have a parade of more than 25 super cars from the M1 Concourse in Pontiac and other supporters drive by their home, business, or other location on July 29. Those who donate any other amount will be able to view the parade at a nearby location.


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