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The U Can-Cer Vive foundation has been investing in Michigan-based cancer research programs and institutions since 2016, donating more than $1 million to date. Founded by siblings Ryan and Kelley LaFontaine, the foundation aims to provide support for local cancer research grants and bring communities together in the fight against cancer. In February, the organization delivered gifts to children and adults with cancer who were spending Valentine’s Day at local hospitals. Annual events such as Run for the Cure and the Golf Outing Fore… The Cure aim to bring communities together in support of the cause. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Run for the Cure event is now virtual, but the organization’s fundraising goal remains. Using these funds, the foundation has provided support for five active research grants in Michigan. Among the grants they’ve issued is a $440,000 grant for Henry Ford Health System’s pancreatic cancer research, a $90,000 grant to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan acute promyelocytic leukemia research, and a $50,000 grant funding the Beaumont Urology Research Facility.


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