Kenya Relief

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Kenya Relief is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides medical care, education, an orphanage, and community outreach projects centering on clean water, delivery of medical supplies, support for widows, assistance to local churches, meal distribution, the fight against female genital mutilation, and more to communities in Kenya. The organization, which has a Facebook page called Kenya Relief — Metro Detroit, has as its vice chairman Elizabeth Studley, a certified registered nurse anesthetist at Henry Ford and the University of Michigan Hospital Systems. The Kenya Relief Academy serves more than 600 students, and the Brittney’s Home of Grace, which was founded in 2004, houses nearly 100 orphaned or vulnerable children each year. The Brase Clinic and Vision Center is staffed year-round to help with medical needs, and about 20 times per year, medical and surgical missionaries arrive to serve more than 1,000 patients. The organization also maintains a farm that helps provide food, offers jobs to the local community, and teaches children farming skills. It has headquarters in Cullman, Ala. and Migori, Kenya. While all of the nonprofit’s 2020 short term missions were cancelled due to COVID-19, it is forming teams for 2021 mission trips.


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