Westland City Hall Demolition Underway, Mixed-Use Development Planned


Demolition of the former Westland City Hall along Ford Road has begun, making way for a 40-acre parcel of land that the city intends for a mixed-use development.

Westland Mayor William Wild says the fire station has also been demolished, and the former city hall and recreation center will be demolished by Memorial Day weekend.

“The city is looking for probably a mixed-use product that will have some retail, commercial, residential, recreation, public space — a nice mixed-use product that will help spur the re-development of the Ford Road corridor through Westland,” Wild says. “We’re meeting with developers now and as soon as we started demolition of the building, our phone has been ringing off the hook.”

He says the demolition of the three structures will cost nearly $300,000, funded by the city’s downtown development authority.

The former city hall building was built in 1964 and was replaced by the new city hall building, located at 36300 Warren Rd., in 2014. The Bailey Center served as the city’s recreation building but was closed in 2012.

“We moved into the new City Hall — we’ve been in for a little over a year — so it took us awhile to first evacuate the building (and build a new fire station),” Wild says. “It took a little time to get the three buildings ready for demolition and to get the funds together to do it.”