Sterling Heights Company Unveils New Lenses to Protect Eyes from Smartphones, Tablets


A Sterling Heights firm will offer a new technology in eyeglass lenses that can reflect the harmful blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets that can cause sleep disorders and fatigue.

“The light transmitted by high-efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting and digital devices is full of visual noise or high-energy light waves that are just beyond the visible spectrum,” says Dr. Jay Novetsky, director of the Vision Institute of Michigan, that introduced the lenses. “That visual noise can elevate the stress on our eyes to problematic levels, causing headaches, loss of focus, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.”

Novetsky says eyes naturally block UV light, but not blue light, allowing it to pass through the cornea, the crystalline lens, and the vitreous, potentially damaging the retina.

He says the so called HOYA Recharge Lens still allow a portion of blue light to pass through for optimal contrast. The lenses cost about $180 for a pair.

The Vision Institute of Michigan opened its second office location in Macomb in June. 

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