Foot Locker Opens First U.S. Power Store in Eastpointe

Foot Locker has opened its first U.S. Power Store on Eight Mile Road in Eastpointe. // Photograph Courtesy of Foot Locker

Foot Locker Inc. today opened its first U.S. “Power Store” on Eight Mile Road in Eastpointe, featuring more than 8,500 square feet of retail space offering footwear, apparel, and accessories for men, women, and kids.

The brand currently operates Power Stores in London, Liverpool, and Hong Kong, and is expected to open more than a dozen new Power Store locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia in the U.S., and Milan, Italy.

“It’s our goal at Foot Locker to bring the excitement of sneaker culture to local communities around the world, and that’s what our new Power Store model is all about,” says Frank Bracken, vice president and general manager of Foot Locker. “We’re focused on creating immersive brand connections that are authentically tied to the neighborhoods they serve; from the local store staff that we hire to the products and experiences we offer.

“We are excited to be testing this new approach with its first U.S. location in Eastpointe, as we continue our journey of transforming how we serve and connect with our customers.”

Among the Detroit-centric elements of the new store is custom artwork by local artist Désirée Kelly. “I was born and raised on the east side of Detroit, so partnering with Foot Locker to visually bring their new store to life in my neighborhood has been incredibly special,” she says. “I found inspiration in Detroit’s iconic history and heritage and I hope the community sees these works of art as a shrine to our city.”

The new store features a space that will host regularly scheduled events for the sneaker-obsessed, the first of which are scheduled for Jan. 30 to Feb. 2. The store is located at 17755 E. Eight Mile Rd (near Kelly Road). More information is available here.