Bloomscape Launches Digital Plant Shop Headquartered in Downtown Detroit


Detroit’s Bloomscape, an online plant shop, today opened its doors. The company was started by Justin Mast, a Michigan designer and entrepreneur who says he comes from at least five generations of Dutch greenhouse growers and floral industry experts.

Bloomscape ships plants from a greenhouse in Muskegon. Each fully grown plant is delivered “living room ready” in a terracotta pot with soil and a saucer, a care card, and a safe-arrival guarantee. Delivery is free for orders of more than $50, and there is a 30-day return on all plants.

Most plants arrive within a week, and shipping is available in the continental U.S. The packaging is made from recycled materials, and plant owners can tweet, chat or email the company’s plant-care experts at any time.

Plant prices range from $35-$195, depending on the size and plant. The business is located at 19 Clifford St. at the southwest corner of Woodward and Clifford (other tenants in the building include Lululemon on the ground floor and WeWork).

“Plants make any space in your home feel lived-in and welcoming in a fresh and cozy way,” says Mast, CEO of Bloomscape. “The Dutch have a word for this feeling — gezellig. For most people, however, the experience of buying plants is anything but gezellig. Our goal is simple: We’re making it easier and more enjoyable to buy potted plants.

“Bloomscape plants come fully grown, potted in fresh soil, direct from our greenhouse, delivered right to your door in great condition and ready to be enjoyed. This gives our customers the best possible start for plant ownership and allows them to spend energy enjoying their plants — which we also help with, by the way.”

Mast grew up helping his parents’ business of supplying young plants to greenhouses across the country. He started growing plants for Bloomscape in 2017.

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