Amway Launches Digital Health Assessment Tool


Amway North America, the Grand Rapids-based health and beauty giant, has launched an online tool to give customers a personalized health assessment and offer product selection options tailored for their needs.

The Nutrilite Supplement Recommender identifies health, lifestyle, and behavior measures associated with nutrition and health outcomes to generate three primary individualized dietary supplement recommendations along with nine other product options.

“Many people would like to fill the nutrient gaps in their diet with supplementation, but are unsure of where to begin,” says Kerry Grann, a research scientist of nutrition product development for Amway North America. “It can be overwhelming.

Grann says that the online tool eliminates the guesswork for consumers. The company, launched by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel in 1959, posted $11.3 billion in revenue last year, has come a long way from its first product, a liquid organic cleaner that was biodegradable.

The assessment takes approximately five to seven minutes to complete and is personalized based on responses and will remove products that do not meet specific dietary tastes such as Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, or a sensitivity to caffeine. 

The assessment, accessible on multiple mobile and desktop platforms, is available at and will launch globally in 2014.