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House of Providence

House of Providence

The House of Providence is a therapeutic home for foster children in Oxford. Children in abusive homes are at greater risk during the coronavirus...
Detroit Hispanic Development Corp. logo

Detroit Hispanic Development Corp.

Since its inception in 1997, the Detroit Hispanic Development Corp. has been serving more than 5,000 adults and youth a year in an effort...
Eastern Market Partnership

Eastern Market Partnership

Since 1891, Eastern Market Partnership has been providing fresh and healthy local food choices for metro Detroit citizens. In the midst of the COVID-19...
Downtown Boxing Gym

Downtown Boxing Gym

Detroit’s Downtown Boxing Gym is a nonprofit organization that supports students ages 8-18 through free after-school programs and food donations. The Downtown Boxing Gym...
Make-A-Wish Michigan

Make-A-Wish Michigan

Make-A-Wish Michigan, which has offices in Brighton and Grand Rapids, has been fulfilling the dreams of children with critical illnesses in need of some...

Rugiero Promise Foundation

The Rugiero Promise Foundation is a volunteer only organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities it serves. It was founded...


DESIGNCONNECT is a nonprofit organization in metro Detroit that provides career pathways in creative design for inner-city middle and high school students through exposure,...


JARC is a metro Detroit-based nonprofit organization that serves 156 individuals with developmental disabilities in 80 locations, including 24-hour care in group homes and...
National Kidney Foundation of Michigan logo

National Kidney Foundation of Michigan

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, based in Ann Arbor, works to prevent kidney disease and improve quality of life for those living with...
Life Remodeled logo

Life Remodeled

Detroit-based Life Remodeled, which renovates and repurposes former community assets, repairs owner-occupied homes, and mobilizes 10,000 volunteers over six-day projects to beautify areas of...