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Adjust Your Attitude and Watch What Happens

Use all your skills and tools to the best of your ability.

Trust in Yourself to Reach Your Goal

If you want to be the hunter and not the hunted, allow yourself to be trusting in your situation.

Reactionary Thinking

Every problem that comes up in your life has an opportunity for growth.

Nature and the Pursuit of Life: Making Your Vision a Reality

Energy is matter and this Detroit vision is happening.

The Outdoors, Business, and Life: Don’t Confuse Activity with Results

The key takeaway is for you to try and take a few minutes at the end of a day to reflect or replay events that occurred during that day.

Technology Should Never Replace Nature in Our Lives

It is within nature that we can slow down and take a moment of calm, a moment of presence.

Sometimes in Life You Got to Get Dirty and Deep

Nearly every business leader wishes that they could spend all of their time “on the business” and never be “in the business.”

Nature and the Pursuit of Life: The Trophy is only a Tweak Away

It’s a bitter cold morning and even though I’m layered up, I think to myself, “if I don’t start seeing action soon I’m going to be shivering my ass off.” Just as these thoughts come out a young 8 pointer chasing a doe stops directly under my tree. I smile knowing it’s going to be a good day and things are about to heat up — in just about every way!
Effective Communication

Effective Communication — Today and Always

The hunting season is almost over, and soon I will be an insanely attentive, intense leader once again, and tasks like pumping out a blog will be easier for me.

David Farbman on: Diverse Economic Ideas

The American public, I believe, really cares about supporting American made goods today, so let’s capitalize on it.