Hudsonville Ice Cream Launches New Sweet and Salty Flavor


HOLLAND — Hudsonville Ice Cream, capturing the hugely popular consumer trend of sweet and salty foods, is launching a new flavor, Seaside Caramel. The ice cream contains chocolate covered salted caramels in vanilla flavored ice cream with a salted caramel ribbon. The launch of the new flavor follows the runaway success of Creamy Cappuccino, a smooth coffee ice cream with a ribbon of whipped cream and rich chocolate chips. 

“The mixture of sweet and salty is such a hit right now, we knew we had to create our own unique version of the flavor twist,” explained Caryn Miller, a spokesperson for Hudsonville Ice Cream.  “With all of the treats that come along with the holidays, Seaside Caramel is a natural fit as we get ready to cozy up and spend time with our family and friends during these cooler months.” 

Just this month Hudsonville also released its Fall Limited edition flavors. Country Apple Pie (vanilla ice cream with an apple pie ribbon and golden pie crust pieces) and Pumpkin (thick, rich and creamy pumpkin ice cream) perfectly capture the flavors of the season. 

Hudsonville Ice Cream has been made in Holland, Michigan for more than 80 years and is a family favorite throughout the Midwest. The company proudly uses the freshest local ingredients, such as cream, milk, fruit and flavorings, whenever possible and proudly boasts its dairy products go from ‘cow to carton’ in 36 hours. 

Explaining the popularity of the brand, Miller added that their customers love the fact Hudsonville Ice Cream is a midwest company that uses local ingredients and supports the economy in the region. “Hudsonville is a real Michigan success story and I’m proud to say that it would be hard to find a grocery store in the Detroit area which does not carry our brand. People request it and stores are responding to that request,” she said. 

During the summer Walgreens pharmacies in Michigan doubled the amount of freezer space they gave to the uniquely creamy brand; in addition, 40 more Meijer stores in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana began carrying Hudsonville Ice Cream, available in 30 regular flavors plus popular seasonal limited editions. Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Tiger Traxx is the official ice cream of the Detroit Tigers.