Flint Millionaire's Book to be Released July 2


BIRMINGHAM —  Author, high-tech entrepreneur, and millionaire, David Tarver will release his first book, “Proving Ground” that launches July 2.

“Proving Ground: A Memoir,” will be  available in bookstores and at online retailers for $18.95. A hardcover limited edition is currently available for $34.95. 

“Proving Ground” is the first book that traces an African-American owned, high-technology business from the basement startup to multimillion-dollar international success.

“The title pays homage to my parents,” said Tarver. “My dream would not have been fulfilled but for the sacrifices of my father and mother and so many others of their generation. For many of them, life was a battleground. For me, it was merely a proving ground.”

For more information on “Proving Ground,” David Tarver, or to purchase the hardcover book visit provinggroundbook.com/.

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