Wish Upon a Teen

Wish Upon a Teen
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Wish Upon a Teen is a nonprofit organization based in Southfield dedicated to serving teenagers with severe, life-limiting medical conditions. The organization helps teens with illnesses normalize their environment and rebuild their self-esteem as they transition to adulthood. Its signature program, Design My Room, is for teenagers facing extended hospital visits. The organization’s team redecorates hospital rooms according to the patient’s hobbies and interests, with the goal of making the room more comforting and relaxing. It has redesigned rooms in more than 70 hospitals across the U.S. Wish Upon a Teen raises funds by soliciting donations and selling merchandise in their online store. All proceeds from these sales go to the organization’s hospital room makeovers, annual gala prom event, family outings, and community events. Wish Upon a Teen specifically supports teenagers because life-limiting illnesses or learning disabilities can have an even greater impact on people when combined with normal teenage stressors. Wish Upon a Teen was established in 2011 and is the only nonprofit organization in the United States with the sole purpose of helping teenagers.

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