The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research
Courtesy of The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research

The Hope Foundation for Cancer Research in Ann Arbor raises funds for the treatment and prevention of cancer. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, so do the foundation’s clinical trials and patient care. Hope staff are currently working from home to aid cancer patients and survivors. Group meetings and regular sessions are being held online as virtual events. The Hope Foundation supports research of cancer types including melanoma, myeloma, leukemia, lymphoma, and more, as well as rare diseases. They rely on grants and donations to fund education and research programs. The foundation works directly with cancer specialists to allocate their donations to the most promising and innovative studies, investing in research initiatives the foundation and experts feel are most likely to directly benefit patients. As part of the effort, they partnered with SWOG Cancer Research Network, formerly the Southwest Oncology Group, one of the largest National Cancer Institute’s National Clinical Trials Network groups. Together, the organizations provide more than $6.5 million for oncology research each year.


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