West Bloomfield’s Cauley Ferrari to Expand and Remodel Dealership


West Bloomfield Township-based Cauley Ferrari, the only authorized Ferrari dealership in Michigan, will expand and remodel its store along Orchard Lake Road.

Originally 14,000 square feet, the new facility will cover 51,000 square feet and feature a two-story showroom and expansion of its indoor vehicle storage capacity. Other improvements include a new service write-up aisle, a collision repair center, a detailing center, and an extra indoor vehicle storage area.

“What we are most excited about is the very unique exterior that we will have, which we think will make quite the statement and be a great draw to the brand,”  says Jeffrey Cauley, co-owner and general manager of the dealership.

Cauley says the upper level of the facility will be called Casa Ferrari and will be a combination lounge and museum that highlights the history of the vehicle. It will also include two showcase windows that are visible from the road, along with a fireplace.

“Ferrari’s got a corporate ID model that they wanted us to renovate so that the new showroom would match that,” says Joseph Cauley, co-owner and pre-owned manager of the dealership.  “Then we took it on ourselves to do a little extra expansion to accommodate our space needs.”

He says the dealership, one of only 37 in the country, will also house 50 indoor storage spots for cars waiting to be serviced or picked up by clients.

Northville-based architectural firm Inform Studio is overseeing the design, while Davison-based DCC Construction will lead the construction.

Cauley Ferrari was founded in 1998, and the dealership is modeled after Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy.

During construction, the company will be located at its adjacent building, Cauley Performance Automotive. The project, marking the dealership’s first renovation, is expected to be completed next June.